The riverside treehouse

One of the main goals of the camp is to make it possible to stay close to nature, with the simple pleasures it gives us, for a decent price. In this project, we are working with the sound of the river, the movement of the wind and the wild life that gathers around the river. 

When not investing in expensive solutions, but looking at how they solved it traditionally, it will create a truly authentic and affordable experience.


The treehouse will be 25 m2 with a sleeping alcove and two beds on the main floor, making at least 5 comfortable sleeping possibilities. There will be an outhouse toilet solution, and all water has to be brought into the treehouse from a well on the path into the cabin. We are making a warm and comfortable bathroom where you can wash yourself. There will be a kitchen and wood burning stove, this is the main source of heat and will work for cooking. 

We have started building, and the treehouse will be finished by autumn. If you want to stay in the treehouse when it’s finished, or hear more about the project, contact us below!



Building Process

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