Early Bird offer on the Riverside Treehouse!

We want to offer you a night in the treehouse for next summer! This will both support us in our build, and be a great deal for you.

Book one nigth any date between the 1th of june to 1th of september 2017

for-  900 NOK .. Sold Out! 

We are only offering 50 nights at this price - so you better hurry up!

The facilities

The treehouse will be 25 m2 with a sleeping alcove and two beds on the main floor, making at least 6 comfortable sleeping possibilities. There will be an outhouse toilet solution, and all water has to be brought into the treehouse from a well on the path into the cabin. We are making a warm and comfortable bathroom where you can wash yourself. There will be a kitchen and wood burning stove, this is the main source of heat and will work for cooking. 



Too get an early bird gift card, please send me your name, address, billing information and the number of nights in the form below. You will be sent a gift card and a bill of 800 NOK to your address. You can then book your desired date until the 10 of January 2017 through Airbnb, for the price of 100 NOK by using the gift card number (example .004). It is course possible to book several nights, and combinding a normal booking with the gift card. The card does not include washing fee of 300 NOK, and you will be asked for a deposit of 2500 NOK when booking. 

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