Bygg og Hygg Festival

“Bygg og Hygg” is an expression suited for the feeling of building something awesome with new and old friends on a perfect summer day, between a great meal and a swim in the river.

Bygg og Hygg is a the result of a quest for the perfect Design/Architecture/Art festival in which great design merges with construction, sculpture, music and food. To achieve these ambitious goals we have organized the festival into three stages.


The first stage is a design competition in which participants will design a 15 cubic meter timber sauna.

The competition is being launched on May 1.  and the hand in date is June 30.

The second stage is the really fun part. We are putting together a timber building workshop in our farm which will last for two weeks. During the workshop we will build the winning proposal - and our own forest community in the process.  Our plan is to pack all that fun into two weeks of good times, outdoors and lasting experiences.  

The third stage will be the perfect evening we have built together. We’ll arrange a sauna party where all your friends are invited, there will be music, good food and a rocking dance floor all night!  




This international design competition invites all architecture students, young architects and young professionals with a degree in architecture, industrial design or the arts (≤ 40 years old).

Each team may be composed of 1 up to 4 team members and may include multidisciplinary members (landscape architects, urban designers, artists, etc.) as long as a single architecture or design student, young architect/designer or young professional with a degree in architecture/design studies is part of the team. It is not mandatory to be a registered architect.

At least half of  the members in the team must be under 40 years old on the date of the submission deadline.

Jury members or those involved with the preparation and organisation of this competition may not participate.

All participants are required to submit the online registration form and complete a payment prior to the registration deadline established by the competition schedule in order for their competition proposal to be reviewed and evaluated.  The registration process can be completed in 3 simple steps:


1. Registration form:

Complete and submit the registration form located on the Å CAMP website.

2. Payment:

Select one of the following payment options: PayPal,  Bank transfer or Vipps (for Norwegian participants).
See Payment Methods for more information.

3. Registration Code:
Upon submitting the online registration form and completing the payment, the participant should e-mail a copy of the transaction receipt to as proof of payment.

The email subject must include the name of the team leader.

Once both registration form and payment are completed and received by Bygg&Hygg, the team leader will then receive a

Registration Code by e-mail within 48 hours (business days) confirming the registration in the competition.  This Registration

Code must be included in the upper right hand corner of the submitted document.



Early registration period

May 15st - May 30th; 2018             900 kr.- + VAT*

Regular registration period

May 30th - June 15th, 2018         1200 kr.- + VAT*

Late registration period

June 15th - June 30th, 2018         1400 kr:- + VAT*


A tax of 25 % (VAT rate in Norway) will be applied to the fees listed above.

Vipps - nr. 519612 (Bygg og Hygg)



Download full brief here!


Registration Form

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